The AC Pluon Charger

Your choice for award-winning smart and sustainable charging solutions with the future-proof PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM.

> 99%


> 95%



OCPP 2.0

up to 22kW

load capacity


The AC charger with the modular PLUON system is quickly upgradeable and thus always ready for the future. New technologies are implemented in no time in consultation with the customer.


The AC PLUON charging station is constructed with sustainable, ecological and proven locally produced materials. ‘Think local, act global’ lies at the heart of this deliberate choice.


AC PLUON charging stations are recognised by their award-winning styling in a sleek and durable housing.


AC PLUON charging stations feature smart technology and are compatible with common CPO platforms.


Step 1

Single socket

Do you foresee a private charging station and/or lack the space to charge two vehicles simultaneously? Choose one charging point at the styled AC PLUON charging station.

Double socket

Make use of all the space and capabilities of the AC PLUON charging station. Two charging points allow you to charge up to 22 kW twice.


Step 2

Wall mount

Floor stand




Together with your customer and our graphic experts, PLUON designs a state-of-the-art loading square, specific to its identity. Together, we guarantee strong visibility.

Body colour

The colour of your car? The colour of your brand? Every AC PLUON charging station can pass the paint shop at the customer’s request, for just that little bit more appearance.

Easy to configure, plug & charge, European AA quality, CPPO 2.0 ready, load capacity from 3.7 kW to 22kW, earth leakage circuit breakers/protection against fault currents

Take advantage of the Pluon service

On site service

Through the smart PMS (PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM), a charging station is fitted with a new charging head on site and the upgrade of the device is done at PLUON in house or over the air. No days of waiting No loss of income. No harm at all.

Pluon Academy

Are you an installer or integrator? Join the PLUON ACADEMY and immerse yourself in the progressive, sustainable and circular world of PLUON charging stations, PLUON CPO and more.


Datasheets and additional information for professionals on the PLUON product line can be found here. Discover and download the specifications and interpretation.

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Contribute to a circular future

PLUON advocates the use of locally generated energy combined with locally produced raw materials. The metal housing for the frames of the charging stations, is produced within a 50 km radius.


Contact us today for a consultation

Depending on the size of the order, we will look at the possibilities. We are happy to work with you to find the best design for the client.

PLUON is aimed at installers and integrators.
Ordering one charging pole is not possible.

As an installer or integrator, you can become a partner of Pluon. Get in touch.

Depending on the size of your order, deliveries are possible from 2 months after your order.

The PMS (PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM) at the AC PLUON charging station is an ingenious system that ensures that modifications, interchangeability and updates can be made at lightning speed and OTA.

PLUON manufactures its products truly locally and prefers to integrate green, locally generated electricity into every project.

The AC PLUON charging station (wall-mounted or upright version) and the DC PLUON Fast Charger are manufactured in the province of Limburg in Belgium.