The electrification of road transport is a reality, green and locally produced energy is a necessity.

The PLUON charging infrastructure consists of a future-oriented, modular adaptable system that is customised, designed and styled.

PLUON enables this transition to sustainable mobility with smart engineering and sophisticated design, with sustainable, ecological and locally produced materials Thanks to the PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM (patent pending) with easily interchangeable and upgradeable components, uptime is optimal.

Let’s use renewable energy sources wisely. Together, we are making the transition to sustainable mobility in style.

Let’s use renewable energy sources wisely.

Together, we are making the transition to sustainable mobility in style.

One stop shop

At PLUON, you can get a total solution with smart engineering and custom implementation. PLUON is committed to maximising your ROI and the impact of your charging station or charging plaza.


PLUON is a company that uses research and coaching in the PLUON ACADEMY to hold its charging solutions and applications up to the light together with installers and users, on the way to even better.

Circulair economy

PLUON advocates the use of locally generated energy combined with locally produced raw materials. The metal housing for the frames of the charging stations, is produced within a 50 km radius.

Contribute to a circular future

Comfort, affordability and sustainability can go hand in hand, so why not do it?
At PLUON, everything starts from this idea.
Check out the three PLUON focal points


High quality, locally manufactured

PLUON charging solutions are built with high-quality raw materials, which are also manufactured close to PLUON HQ. Take the aluminium housing: this exo-skeleton is composed of recycled aluminium that for once was not shipped overseas, but collected and processed by a company around the corner into the strongest and purest product imaginable.


Green power

PLUON charging solutions are preferably installed in combination with or in addition to an existing solar and/or wind installation. It is extremely important to ensure that the energy flowing through your PLUON charging stations to your vehicles is truly green. We deliberately pursue this and, if it is not currently possible to achieve it at your location, look at a plan for the future.


Update – and upgradeable

PLUON charging solutions are conceived so that the intelligent components are modularly expandable and interchangeable. Through the smart PMS (PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM), a charging station is fitted with a new charging head on site and the upgrade of the device is done at a PLUON – branch near you. This way, no time and, above all, no energy is lost and your charging square remains up and running at all times.