Smart Charging Solutions

European Design Award-winning sustainable charging solutions with future-proof PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM.

Beyond tomorrow

PLUON is the European manufacturer of sustainable, smart and stylish charging infrastructure

Private & public

From driveway to public charging plaza. From driveway to public charging plaza. Discover the AC PLUON charging solutions in wallmount or the European Product Design Award – winning charging station.

Residential complexes, office buildings, public car parks…

Commercial & industrial

Determine with the customer the smartest local choice and go for a range of AC PLUON chargers, the DC PLUON Fast Chargers or a combination of both. Shopping centre, business parks, hospitality…

Transport & logistics

DC PLUON Fast Chargers guarantee an efficient loading bay that sends your (freight) transport and/or buses onto the road quickly with long range. Loading or petrol stations and distribution centres…

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The modular PLUON system is quickly upgradeable and thus always ready for the future. New technologies are implemented in no time in consultation with the customer.



PLUON builds its charging solutions only with sustainable, ecological and proven locally produced materials. ‘Think local, act global’ lies at the heart of this deliberate choice.


Award-winning design

PLUON charging stations are recognisable by their European Design Award-winning styling in a sleek and durable housing. PLUON delivers state-of-the-art AC chargers and DC fast chargers.


Smart engineering

PLUON charging stations are compatible with common CPO platforms and are ready for vehicle-to-grid use. The customer has access to complete visibility on all loading activities at any time.



The smart PMS (PLUON MODULAR SYSTEM) minimises potential downtime. The PLUON Service unburdens the customer and immediately replaces the modular element with a new version.


Customised branding

Your charging station, your branding. Recognisability of the client’s brand is paramount. PLUON designs the unique look&feel together with the host, in line with the brand as a link to their client.

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